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Every project is unique in the arts and that’s why I love it.

Contact me so that I can better understand your particular project, business or organisation and collaborate with you for the best outcomes.

Photography Services

 To document art, exhibitions and creative projects.

I’ve been documenting and digitising artworks in private and public collections for well over a decade now. That adds up to a lot of art handled, photographed and reproduced! In addition to this, I photograph exhibitions and marketing collateral for artists and galleries, including ‘behind the scenes’ and artist’s portraits.

I like to clearly articulate the artist or organisation’s project through visual storytelling whilst maintaining the highest standards in colour management when it comes to the reproduction of artwork.

I’m deeply involved in the visual arts sector and work across multiple levels of government, educational institutions and arts organisations – so I know what’s needed for a successful outcome for everyone.

Contact me now to discuss your project.

Workshops + Professional Development

Sessions are tailored to suit your arts organisation or business.

  • Social Media for Creatives – content planning, strategy and community building online for artists and creatives.
  • Product Photography for Creatives –  create beautiful, engaging images of your artwork or product for social media and your website.
  • Photography for Social Media – how to use strong visual narratives and storytelling techniques to engage your community and build connection online.
  • Photograph Your Art – useful tips and tricks to better articulate your artwork for awards, websites and social media.
  • Values Based Business – clarify your values and communicate them clearly to your colleagues, clients and community.

These are launching points for themes I can cover as Toolkit Talks (1.5 hours) or Practical Workshops (3-4 hours).

Contact me about your groups needs so that I can make sure it’s impactful and immediately useful for your participants. All killer, no filler.

If you like the look of all of the above, check out my multi-day retreats for all of my workshops and more.

Mentorship Program

For those looking for individual guidance for their business and photography skills.

Mentorships feature multiple focused sessions over a 3- 4 month period. I work alongside your business/creative practice in real time, plus you’ll have individual support and access to all of the resources that I can make available in our online 1:1 sessions. We can focus on your specific, timely needs and use my skills and experience in the industry as the primary resource over the course of 2 x 30 minute phone calls and 3 x 90 minute Zoom sessions.

Session topics can include anything from workflow to pricing and contracts, marketing and social media, photography skills, values-based business foundations, client communications and all the usual sole trader conundrums. Generally, mentees can immediately implement streamlined workflow and client communication systems, increase efficiency in the ‘backend’ of business administration, further their understanding of industry protocols and attract more aligned clients.

Sessions are always private and confidential and include a detailed wrap of each session via email.

Email me to find out more.


“I felt like a bit of an island as a self-employed, working from home newbie photographer. I had no idea if what I was charging was fair, how to understand contracts and licensing, or some of the more technical aspects of shooting and editing. Bo tailored my three month mentorship program specifically to my needs at the time and then openly shared her experience, providing example documentation and connecting me to resources along the way. It was professional and yet personal.

By the end of our time together I felt way more in control of my business, confident about approaching clients and more skilled technically. I don’t believe I’d have been able to learn those things so quickly through any other means. It’s invaluable to have someone really deep dive with me on my business like Bo did, and I feel her input really set me on my course to running a successful film and photography business.”

‘The mentorship I received from Bo has been absolutely invaluable. I really enjoyed my connection with Bo, her attention to detail and the time she actually dedicated to me during the process. Having my regular calls with Bo was something I thoroughly looked forward to. I felt like after each session I was more focused, motivated and could clearly see the pathway forward. Most useful to me was Bo’s insight into the profession, her knowledge as well as the the support I received.

Within 6 months I achieved goals that were once a dream and it has been a very rewarding journey. A massive thanks to Bo for all her great work with me.”